Panama Authorities require that wasted products are handled by companies approved to render these services. Our company is authorized by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to attend vessels for sludge/slop removal in ports of Panama.

Our mission is to render oil recovery services to all type and size of vessels, while berthed at any of the local Panamanian ports, located at both entrances of the Panama Canal for which we count with the approval of the Panamanian Government and the Maritime Health Department, enabling us to certify the discharge of oily sludge and slops from vessels.

  • Direct contact and cooperation with vessels owners and  management companies.

  • Founded on February 1st. 2005 in Panama, Republic of Panama.

  • Operating 24/7 at ports of the Pacific and Atlantic from the year 2007.

  • Company owns tanks trucks and an efficient processing plant.

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